Whistler AQMP

Ambient PM10 Concentration for Whistler
From Sun May 9th, 2021 at 19:00 to Mon May 10th, 2021 at 18:00
All times are PDT

1 Hour Average PM10 Concentration
24 Hour Average PM10 Concentration
24 Hour Average PM10 Concentration (less than 75% available hours)

Time 24 Hour PM10 Concentration
Hourly PM10 Concentration
Wind Direction Wind Speed
19:00 09/05/2154.00NW9.4
20:00 09/05/2156.00WNW6.5
21:00 09/05/2157.00SE2.6
22:00 09/05/2156.00SE2.9
23:00 09/05/2155.00SE5.1
0:00 10/05/2154.00ESE5.1
1:00 10/05/2154.00SE2.4
2:00 10/05/2156.00E3.5
3:00 10/05/2154.00E3.8
4:00 10/05/2154.00ENE2.0
5:00 10/05/2155.00ENE2.3
6:00 10/05/2154.00ENE3.0
7:00 10/05/2156.00E5.8
8:00 10/05/2156.00NW4.5
9:00 10/05/2155.00WNW11.5
10:00 10/05/2158.00WNW12.0
11:00 10/05/21617.00WSW10.7
12:00 10/05/21615.00SW9.8
13:00 10/05/21724.00WSW11.3
14:00 10/05/21834.00WSW10.3
15:00 10/05/21933.00WSW10.3
16:00 10/05/211136.00WSW13.5
17:00 10/05/21119.00W11.1
18:00 10/05/21119.00NW12.0
* 24 hour rolling average was calculated with less than the required 18 of 24 hours of data.

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